Monday, July 20, 2009

Masterchef Australia - and the winner is..


the grand finale was on last night and based on what i read today, it was the most watched show in australian history.

Julie Goodwin, 38, beat Adelaide’s Poh Ling Yeow in a three-round challenge in front of their former top 20 MasterChef Australia opponents and judges Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris last night.

some people were upset with the result and speculated it was rigged from the start. but i think Poh did some pretty bad decisions last nite. some of the dishes she decided to make were not a good enough choice and for the pressure challenge she decided not to follow the recipe. so yeah.. maybe julie deserved to win last nite.

Julie wins AUD$100,000; a cookbook deal and the masterchef australia title. she said she plans to open a restaurant and i bet a lot of people would love to go there.

and Poh didnt go home empty handed. although she didnt win, the guest judge last nite, Curtis Stone (international celebrity chef), invited Poh to come to LA when he said -
"I'm going back to LA to shoot and if you'd like I'll extend an invitation and pay for your flight to come over and spend a week on set with my team,"

oh that kinda sounds as fun as Julie's prizes :P

anyway.. Poh made hainan chicken rice for the invention challenge last nite that looked so good. i know one place here in adelaide that serves hainan chicken rice. its a small restaurant called Knoodle Junction.. its across the road from Target Rundle Mall, a little furthur toward north terrace. and it's halal, but i havent been there for a while


  1. =( At least she got to the finals. Its good to see Malaysians doing well abroad. Who knows she might even have her own cooking show one day.

  2. yes i wish all the best to her as well. and with her malaysian background, i hope when she opens a restaurant, she'll consider serving halal food ^_^. my wife and i would love to try her cooking


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