Friday, July 10, 2009

tentang lifesize Tokyo Gundam

whoa.. this thing is huge. and awesome. well.. maybe a little geekish but still.. lifesize Gundam is really cool

well.. more pics here


  1. saw this flying around in the net few weeks ago =D

    its totally cool, as a gundam fan, i feel like going japan to see this live...too bad no money go japan T-T

    11 july is the official launch for this fella to the public in japan

  2. would be cool to go to the launching ceremony ^_^ really cool

    oh i wonder how this thing will look like in google earth :D

  3. kan best kalau robot tu ada kat sini..huhuhu

  4. sini=kl? hehe takde beza la utk orang yg tinggal kat oversea ye :P

    tapi i would like it better let that gundam stay in tokyo. if we build it in m'sia it would look like a ciplak (coz gundam dont come from here).

    it would be really cool tho kalau some very generous blogger nak kasik tiket pegi tokyo kan? XDXD (tak main la sunway ROFL)

  5. bluwekkkk :P
    tiket pi tokyo la eh...
    adeh...korang2 ni high demand tol la!


  6. I am not a guy but common sense lah!
    I like too:)

  7. 0_0 Wahhh.....they should do one more of optimus prime!

  8. uuu... prime that even transforms into truck!


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