Monday, July 13, 2009

blog layout adjustments

i had to make some adjustments to the blog's layout today because advertlets has gone gila!

what's been happening since abt a couple of days ago is that when i load up my blog.. it loads half way because ads are unable to load. tried to load friends' blog (who have advertlets) and same problem happens. same as which only loads the navigation and banner. well if i wait for 10-15 mins the page will eventually load but without the advertlet ads. (all approximation made while im pissed off.. subject to a little exaggeration)

i am not sure if i am the only person having this problem (because i dont live in asia) or their server actually did stuff up about a couple of days ago. there is no news on the net.. no notes on twitter abt any technical problems.., u're a big name so please don't act like u're still some n00b company facing technical problems and hope people dont notice it.

so now i had to move the ads to the bottom of my blog so that other stuff that IS working properly will load.


EDIT:- abt 5 mins after this post is made the ads are fine again and is back online. whoa they work fast to fix that didnt they :P. owh now i have to move the ads back >_>

MORE EDIT:- and now.. and their ads are gone again!!! and i just moved the ads back >_<


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