Sunday, July 5, 2009

tentang NUFC's next owner a Malaysian?

it was a surprise for me when i read today about this. and i remember thinking well.. maybe it's just a biased malaysian media reporting a rumour as fact. but after reading of the news from i realized i was wrong.

im not a big football (some might call it soccer) fan.. but i do occasionally watch big matches on tv. so do i care much about some malaysian billionaire buying NUFC? not so much really. but i do like to read stuff like this.

malaysians right now might be feeling proud hearing the news (even a little, maybe?) but i have to say that i have read quite a number of nasty comments. comments on the net would generally say.. 'hey rich guy, u will lose all of your money if you buy this club.'

hmm.. personally for me, if i were that rich, i'd go for it too. buying a football club is not like betting on a football club. buy it.. own it.. control it. NUFC already have legions of loyal supporters whoever the owner would be. unless you are a famous well hated person in the world lah.

so if the news of our Ananda Krishnan is in fact will be the next owner of The Toon, to him i bid good luck. it could be a brilliant plan and the timing couldnt be any better.

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