Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

behold.. my longest post so far!

rewarding myself for a personal achievement used mean buying gadgets and computer stuff.. which are normally expensive. i think the last one was the PSP that which is now modded, upgraded and partially hacked.. i still use very frequently.

now that i am married, the rewards for myself come more frequently but cost less money.. like buying ice cream or a simple candy bar, whereas the rewards for my wife and myself as a couple are more expensive but less frequent like trips and vacations. this year we've been to places around Australia^^.

Part 1 - The Treat List ^^
however, just for the fun of it, i'll list mine. no harm in fantasizing abt awesome over-the-top stuff rite?

#1 : All Day IMAX Extravaganza.
4 titles out of all my fav movies isn't too hard to choose from. i'll choose one animated film to watch in the morning. at noon probably a local (malaysian) movie. after that i think i'll watch an action thriller and maybe a romantic movie at night. if i'm gonna spend a day watching all these movies, at IMAX cinema.. i'd insist my wife to come with. no way i'd do all this alone. thats epic sad!


#2 : A Photography Trip!
i'm no photographer but i studied art&design and photography was one of my major subjects. i has been a while since i went out for a photography assignment. so if i have a chance, i'd like to go to a clean tropical island with lots of colourful trees so i can enjoy staying there and generally snap away. again.. no fun going on a holiday without my wife rite?

#3 : Getaway in the City
the idea is to minimize travel time but go on a vacation anyway. so i always imagine this (told my wife about it so many times but never managed to properly pull it off).. stay at a very cool hotel, nearby. if i live in KL.. maybe spending a weekend at Palace of the Golden Horses and just stay there. enjoy the room and services. lepak at the pool. and yeah just escape from the city (right outside there is a roundabout that is pure madness).

#4 : Ultimate Computer Station (featuring the Dell Inspiron 13)
basically the build will have at least 8 gigs of ram, one (or two if it is possibble :P) of those Core i7 Intel processors, +watercooling system, a top notch RadeonHD series graphics card, dual monitor display.


but wait.. i can have a bulky desktop or.. i can treat myself with the very stylish and not too geeky Dell Inspiron 13 instead. the spec is almost as high.. but with a lot more stuff! wifi, bluetooth, LAN, card reader, all those little-things-u-need-to-buy-seperately-when-u-build-a-desktop stuff.. u name it! it is the epic blogger equipment for blogging on the go. if a bloggers' block is a huge badass dragon all bloggers fear, the Inspiron is the epic weapon with +1000HP, +100% ATT and +250% DPS to help slay the dragon.

i particularly got my eye on the Obsidian Black model...*drools*

now all i need is an epic table. the roccaforte gaming desk to be exact! awesome!!! and of course i might need a good air-condition for the gaming room.

and finally..
#5 : A Week in Disneyland!
i've always heard abt how awesome Disneyland is. i dont know if it's true but i would wanna do that once in this lifetime.

i love cartoons and at 27 i still enjoy watching cartoons. even my line of work that i chose is cartoon related. i hope one day i can produce my own cartoon that i can really claim to play a huge part of.

but anyway, imagine spending a week in disneyland. it is gonna be fun; surrounded with disney's famous movies & animated characters, educational (for me), awesome rides, taking pictures, '
lepak'ing and relaxing at the hotel, playing the games there. OMG it's like most of the previous fantasy treat in one single trip.


i hope i don't ever wake up from this dream. T_T

Part 2 - The Why
nuffnangers probably realize that this is part of nuffnang's contest. and the prize is a Dell Inspiron 13 (x3). how awesome is that? for bloggers not with nuffnang and tempted with the prize.. why not join up?^^

if i win the Inspiron i wanna do all sort of stuff with it. the usual la daily blogging etc etc i dont have to list the obvious. but as always i like to customise a little bit only. so i'd find a way to make it look like this :

then if people see me blogging at some kopitiam they'll come over and say hello lah ^^ (or most probably just ignore me and think im creepy).
if anyone asks i would proudly say i did all the graphics on my Dell Inspiron 13.. a present from Nuffnang ^^. hopefully by then i'd be a bit more famous blogger than right now. no not a celebrity but just a cool kusut blogger

owh.. BTW. FREE RM100 coupon for ALL blog readers^^. not from me.. it's from Dell.
coupon* code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3, RM100 Instant Cash Redemption on Inspiron 13 Laptop (S510701MY)
(coupon expires 10th Nov 2009)


  1. @Dragon City & @Dylan Phuah thanks guys. i'll need all the luck i can get >< hehe

  2. i joined too! good luck to both of us ;)

  3. Good luck to u :)

    Nice entry!

  4. thanks theeggyolks ada.m0khtar & ween ^^

  5. Great post!
    Not long pun LOL.
    Good luck btw.
    How come Nuffnang AU dun have this.. ARggggggg...

  6. @Mizzsharon maybe for AU bloggers they have better comp? neway thanks^^

    @eldy thanks eldy.. oh i certainly hope so >< *cross fingers*

  7. Interesting post...for a dell fan haha

  8. thanks Samuel. dell laptops does seem to be pretty good. i used to wish i could buy one of those XPS laptops for gaming. but i bought a psp instead hehe

  9. I feel like having the same treats as you, although I don't yet have a wife to share them with...

    I went to Australia 8 years ago for 10 days, we went traveling the south east part of australia on a caravan... it was fun trip.

    oh and that roundabout is the craziest. I live in Seri Kembangan and I try to avoid it as best I can.

    Good luck on your Dell Inspiron 13 endeavor! I hope you win ;)

  10. all the best. haha.u put yr sticker there.. stranger come pulak to yr blog kacau.

  11. @Ihsan Khairir lol. thanks for the wish. there's really a lot of really good entries out there.

    @Sean Lon thanks man. and all the best to u too. wahh.. ur entry got a video la.. possibble advantage


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