Thursday, November 5, 2009

tentang Layout Adjustments

i have made a few adjustments to my layout and some adjustment to the blog aswell. i hope other than to make the blog look better, these adjustments would kinda give my blog a different personality

change of header
the previous header banner was really a temporary banner. hence the colour(BW). i have been trying to come up with a better design this week but i guess if i keep on making new ones there will never be a decision. so i settled with this one.

whatcha guys think? is it better or do people like the previous one?

EC U L8er
a major decision. i have decided to remove the Entrecard widget. i think this will decrease the blog's visitors. however.. i can concentrate more on NN's blogs and instead of dropping on 50-ish blogs from EC.. i'll focus that on Innit.

i have chosen 5 local blogs that i visit daily and linked on sidebar (under EC Blogs). there will no longer be free monthly link post for Top EC Droppers.

review kusut-blogs! widget
hmm i'm not so sure with this one but i'll just give it a try. it is a widget for 'google friend connect' users (that means all google users i think) to be able to write a review (preferably short n sweet ones) and rate my blog. so if u like or dispise my blog let me know. i put it there so that i know what to improve in the future. it's not a competetion and there'll be no prizes, sorry XD.

i will however moderate the posts. generic 'i like ur blog. so pretty.' reviews will probably be removed because that isnt really what im looking for.. but thanks for the compliment anyway. those 'generic' posts always make my day and make me love writing my blog ^___________^.

so there.. 3 adjustments i made for november. maybe after 2 weeks to a month's time i'll remove/improve these new stuff.

comments & critiques are welcome. and thanks^^


  1. Aiyooo.. and there I was scrolling top to bottom a million times (ok, exaggerate a bit only) looking for the EC widget! LOL!

    Too bad but respect your decision. Thanks for including my blah blog in your blogroll :)

  2. @kenwooi - u mean the new one right? glad u like it^^ and thanks!

    @Nessa - ops sorry.. i should've posted this up right before removing the EC widget. gomen~!

    to everyone who spent time looking for my EC widget today, the widget is not longer here. i'm sorry for not letting u guys know sooner than this. sorry~!

    now i shall drink from the n00b cup and remember not to repeat this kind of mistake again

  3. I think u should have a theme color for kusut blog .. and the header is nice if it is bigger

  4. ur blog design have its own personality...

    and i agree wit eldy..the header should be bigger in width...

    eastbullet's bLog

  5. @eldy thanks for the comment. i have to admit.. i'm not good at choosing colour :P. thanks why i tend to design in b&w XD

    @EasTBuLLeT ChaoTiC i'll consider that. thanks man

  6. kusut mcm malu2 je letak header :D apa pun sy suke je header yg baru ni

  7. the newer is nice..

    but i like the previous one..

  8. your new header look nice but honestly, i love the previous one!!!! hehehehe.

  9. @Bitter Sweet eh bukan malu2.. memang tak suke logo besar2 sgt. initially the logo was half that size :P

    @ijau & @lizz the previous one looked more fun eh? i wonder if the old one could attract more readers. neway.. i'll stick to this one for a while. maybe in 2 weeks i'll decide

    thanks for the comments ^^

  10. Wah, lawa blog ni (aha! komen yang generic. lol)

    Pernah singgah ke sini beberapa kali sebab teringat ayat "Tentang" bila mula tajuk.

    Suka juga yang ni walaupun nampak "simple" tapi tetap ada identiti.

    Wah berpindah ker NN dan buang EC ye? tak pa tu.

    Incik RnR pula baru buang "shoutbox" akhir October hari tu.

    Selamat Berblogging. :)

  11. Brother kusut, your blog look great after the renovation He..He..

    About dropping EC, I love to but I am running out time to do so at the moment.

    You make me rethink my long term plan on it.

    Thanks for the link.
    Bye and Happy Friday!

  12. @rizal hehe the previous company wasnt really working for me lah. a little too slow.

    and tak penah terpikir lak about the 'how' people look at my blog. that word is the remainder of when i used to blog in Bahasa.

    hey thanks for the comment ya!

    @yoon see getting rid of that widget was a HUGE decision to me. maybe it isn't a good decision or maybe it is.. i'll find out after a month. i hope it doesn't do too much damage tho.

  13. I agree with you Jusut, when we are not that busy, OKlah drop drop drop...but if it's really busy...
    dropping EC is not fun anymore!

  14. hehe.. well i think there is still 'fun' in dropping EC but with the changes and less point i get from incoming drops, it makes the fun a lot less

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