Monday, November 2, 2009

thanks Top October Droppers

omg time flies lah. i didnt even realize it's freaking november. omg i still have heaps to do before the new year comes >_< pressure spressure pserusre !!!

neway.. sorry abt posting this a day late. not that i dont appreciate EC guys dropping at (and, i hope, actually read) my blog. i really do. so here's the 10 top droppers. ^_^

thanks everyone!!!!!!


  1. first time dropping by. lol. i guess my current position is last dropper. =D

  2. nobody got last lah.. just not top 10 only :P

  3. YAY I made it woo hoo, thanks for the linky love. Hope to be back here next month, happy dropping! :)

  4. next month? what happened to november? nuoooooo T__T

    hehe sry for being a drama king. got bored at home lah right now. so a little bit bengong

  5. first time drpped by...nice to meet you...clikc your ads...good night

  6. hehehe. my blog nor listed:) kehkehkeh
    anyway, happy tuesday! hehe

  7. aiseh maaf lah lizz ye.. yg ni kire EC drops je

    but i do appreciate ur visits ^^. thanks

  8. yaa no bad

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