Thursday, November 19, 2009

tentang Moving Day

no.. not moving blog. i still dont have my own .com or anything. today ima move to a house closer to civilization :P. we found a place in gawler (small town.. almost a 'koboi' town. one kinda busy main road and thats about it. hehe. well.. better than here where there is no town.

oh how i long to live in a city again.

okay so today we'll be signing the contract and all those papers and get the keys. yays! but i dont think we'll be moving lots of stuff today.. it's gonna be around 43C today and in that heat.. no thanks. and the new place doesnt have electricity yet till tomorrow.

so after getting the keys, we'll take some boxes there. one trip thats all. come back home (current home) and sit in front of the air cond.

omg this week is gonna be a crazy week. packing.. moving out.. settle down.. then mid next week we have a trip so we'll need to pack for that.. travel adelaide-kl and kl-penang.. then drive back to kl. kl-surabaya and surabaya-malang (thats a place in east java). after a few days travel back to kl. then kl-melaka (one day trip maybe) and then finally kl-adelaide. the whole trip will be 10 days.

i hope we'll survive! there will be 6 of us from adelaide.. then the trip to indonesia will be 8 person. fun! hehe it kinda feels like the amazing race :P

neway.. i'll probably be busy with these things all week. so i'll update when i have the time. maybe my next post it'll be from my new home.. maybe^^. cyaz~!



  1. woh seems fun despite the heavy boxes lifting la haha.. hope you guys enjoy the new environment there.

    my friend once said if you move to a new place abroad, masak sambal kasi bau jiran sebelah lol.. takde keje

  2. where is adelaide?
    my geography fail sket.. huhu

    good luck for your 10days..

  3. Congrats on relocating to a new house kusut!
    Lots of work to be done.....tire...
    You should take care.
    Yeah, would love to see the house decor!

    Adelaide is a beautiful town in Australia.
    I love its scenery. The townscape & landscape are so neat, truly a greener pasture in my eyes and it comes with all the surprise that can make you want to be back.

    Looking for cute & very beautiful girls...there are a lot there!

  4. haha amazing race:D
    Hope u will have a smooth race^^

  5. @nesca - lol.. idea menarik. but i dont want that to backfire and new neighbours would come over and ask to join us for dinner. haiz..

    @ijau - thanks^^. adelaide is in South Australia (thats the state name), Australia. a country style state. very slow. but like yoon see said.. very peaceful.

    @yoon see - hehe no decorations yet lah.we'll start doing that after our trip. our flight's tomorrow (24/11)!!! cant wait to be home and go to pasar malam and eat till sakit perut!

    @Kelvin - thanks for the wish^^. my aim for the 10 day trip is to eat as many local food as possible and avoid western food :P owh with exception.. try to eat mcd&kfc at least once during the trip. hehe.. mcd and kfc here is non-halal.. i miss them lah


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