Tuesday, November 17, 2009

tentang Unique Blogger on Bloggerunited.com

suddenly when i login to BU there's this new text appeared somewhere at the top of the page. i got the Unique Blogger Award!! yays

so excited that i abandoned what i was doing ('samak' the whole 2nd hand fridge) and started answering the interview questions.. thinking that it would only take a few minutes. lol how wrong i was.

after.. an hour maybe, i finally finished the whole interview. and beaming (smiling sampai telinga) i couldnt sleep.

all i can say is thank you bloggerunited.com for the award. i know there's talk about too many 'Uniques' given away but considering how many members there are (and how the number is growing each day) getting that award is a huge deal to me.

so yeah.. thank you very much BU ^_________________________^

owh.. the link
read my interview (i wrote a rather intro bout myself there)


  1. thanks Caffery, ijau & kenwooi ^^

  2. thanks nesca :D
    btw.. i mentioned ur blog in the interview

  3. eh? lol thanks =0
    can't get into BU today.. M'sia line is extremely gay recently due to the rain......

  4. @Mr.J - thanks man

    @Nesca - can a gay IPS be even more gay? lol

  5. Congrats Kusut:)
    I haven't check bloggerunited for a few days.
    You really deserved the award.

  6. thanks yoon see. that award makes me love blogging even more.

    and yoon see.. thanks for always visiting my blog. really appreciate it


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