Thursday, November 12, 2009

tentang Upin&Ipin on Disney Channel

most malaysian would by now at least heard of the name Upin & Ipin. the animation about the twins Upin and Ipin, product of Les'Copaque Production. in my opinion, 'U&I' have been a huge success for LCP and the malaysian animation industry. not many local animation and cartoon managed to reach the kind of success and popularity they did.

Upin & Ipin even have their own wikipedia page!

maybe past locally made cartoons that is as famous as Upin&Ipin is probably (quality aside) Keluangman and Sang Kancil. there may be some other titles that is as famous but this is just the names i can think of right now. Kampung Boy animation is the idea of Dato' Lat but not produced locally.

last week (Nov 6, 2009) Les'Copaque Production posted on their blog that Upin&Ipin will be premiere on Disney Channel (asia) on 23rd November 2009. that is next monday, at 3.30pm in Malaysia AND the Philippines.

for more information about this disney channel thing, head to :-
1) Les'Copaque blog
2) Upin&Ipin's Disney Channel Page!!!


  1. I saw you check my blog. Guess it was through the widget. Anyway, I saw upin and ipin but till today haven't watch yet. i am just not sure.. but i watch the trailer and it was a good effort by our local producer.

  2. very good effort yes? i think our local productions can do better lah. with all those digital art grads not getting work in the animation industry. we need more animation companies! well.. more creative ones lah

  3. tp plek... mcm mne katon omputih graphics dah macam real... karton malysia.. still nmpk "kartoon" nye...

    and kalo graphics cantek tp jalan cerita tak besh.. x bley gak...

    istimewa nya kartoon omputih ialah elemen kelakar yg macam spontan... pdhal dirancang melalui lukisan...

    besh animation movies i watched until now :

    1- Bolt
    2- all series of IceAges
    3- Up

  4. hee.. easy. western animation ni diorang ada power in numbers. huge number of computers.. massive anount of creative manpower.. and of course power in value of currency.

    yg paling obvious.. their 2D/3D animation Industry dah start develop since the 80s kot.

    but here in malaysia we dont have those kind of resources.. yet. kalau nak buat animation quality (visual) on par with the western industry.. 5 tahun tak tentu siap lagi. so being smart.. buat product that is lower in visual technology.. tapi have the quality of a good animation.

    that is.. if we manage to produce the animations lah

    pasal style.. tu takleh nak komen la. some peole prefer hollywood and worship them.. and make hollywood style. some love anime style and go for that one. and some, for instance LCP) like local content and do that. semua pun ada advantage/disadvantage sendiri kot


  5. slow² beb. ni pun dah kira bagus ada initiative nak buat animation, kalau tak? takde langsung kot.

    heard there's one more company to challenge LCP, apa ntah nama dia. bagus la tu, ada competition, maju sikit industri ni.

    boring to us, maybe. but the kids love them. disney they have studios for this, they bought companies here and there, of course they have the expertise they need.

    kalau tak silap LCP tengah buat satu lagi movie, release 2011. kita tengok la ada kemajuan ke tak, mesti sponsor dah bertambah kan. terpanjang pulak sorry huhu

  6. yeah nesca.. dont worry bout long comments. all good

    and yes.. these few years we see big developments in the local animation industry. LCP's rise.. and now new studios sprouting. hehe. competetion is always good.

    read my post abt Animonsta Studios

    i have the 1st and 2nd season of Upin&Ipin DVD (original beb!) here in adelaide and showed them to some neighbours (not malaysian).. they loved it. no kids.. the youngest is 15 y.o kid. how cool is that

  7. Thank you so much for supporting our local animation industry. LCP or not, we're still under one roof, right? Keep up the great work and stay tuned for more from us.

    Ida.R - LCP

  8. no worries Ida and thanks for dropping by. it is always a pleasure to support the local industry, whatever company that may be.

    hmm maybe one day i should drop by at LCP and say hello :P i still haven't seen the LCP building yet even dah berape lama korang pindah sana XDXD. tapi lama lagi kot.. wait till i get back to malaysia lah

  9. Cool, dah masuk Disney...

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  10. thanks IMCurtain. sempat lagi promote ek.

  11. Wah. .blog nya keren ya. . .
    Saya masiH pemula bgt ni,di dunia per blog an. .


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