Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tentang Independent Anime Short

i saw this anime short story by Hiroyasu Ishida (or Tete) and thought it is an awesome Indie Anime. and considering this anime is practically made by one student (independently directed, animated, edited, and recorded.).. that just blew me away. yes he did got some help but still.. it's not a company or something. just a student work.. an awesome student work!

owh.. btw there's a lot of pantsu-shots. so.. sorry if posting this vid offended anyone XDXD

Fumiko no Kokuhaku
(Fumiko's Confession)

yes.. no sub. sorry i dont speak Japanese so i cant translate it for u. however.. a youtube user CoyoteFae wrote -
Something like: "I want you to go out with me" and he refuses by saying: "Sorry, I want to focus on baseball right now." "Blah blah, is stupid! "Grr grr, "

*Running scene*

End: "I'll make (soup?) for you every morning!" which is like a marrige proposal and then he says "Sorry, I want to focus on baseball right now.

that helped me understand alot. thanks CoyoteFae

there's more stuff here but it's not in english.
but heaps of pics tho! sketches, production planning notes, etc.. i loike pictures.


  1. sy suka conan..
    keluar tajuk..

  2. detective (ditektif? camne eja dlm bm ek?) conan. cool manga and not bad an anime too. a little slow tapi still entertaining ^^

  3. ooo. haha so it's the same eh. dah lama sgt tinggal skolah ni.

  4. i suka baca novel anime sajjjeee :)


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