Sunday, November 1, 2009

tentang The Haunted Weekend

i lovehate weekends. love it because it is the weekends and it is meant for people to rest. so although i generally do what i do everyday anyway, i still love the idea where i take a break from work (which in my case, blogging). and i hate it because i tend to get less visitors to my site. :P

i think i just made myself sound like a workaholic.

anyway.. this weekend is pretty cool. my wife and i went shopping on saturday for her new summer look :P. no lah.. actually she's going to gold coast for a five day conference. she'll be staying at the gold coast resort and everything is paid for. cool! except that i have to stay here at home cooking my own food.. monday till friday


back to the shopping story, we didnt realize it is halloween this weekend so the first woman we saw looking like a zombie from MJ's thriller was a bit weird. then when we were inside the shopping complex, we began to see more banshees and witches. not many guys wore costume that time tho. weird.

it was pretty cool seeing all the halloween decorations in the shops. it's somehow different from the decorations in KL. these seem a lot more festive. maybe because people actually dress up for halloween as well. even the fitting rooms were decorated with fake cobwebs and stuff.

i should've taken pics huh? sorry guys :P i wasnt prepared


  1. alah, ni nak marah ni, wasnt prepare pulak dia..huhuhu

    nak harapkan mata sendiri menengok deco Halloween kat sana, rasanya mmg tak lah :D

    bro, snap pki hp je..hehehe~

  2. haha.. hp 'antik'. can only take low quality pics only la :P


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