Friday, November 13, 2009

tentang Wallpaper for My Wife's Mobile

this is a wallpaper/screensaver that i made for my wife. i woke up yesterday morning and suddenly felt like making a new wallpaper for her. didnt tell her about it till the thing is finished.. finalized.. no more changes.

when she came home yesterday, i asked for her phone and asked if i change her wallpaper? she said no. she have used the same wallpaper for her mobile since we got married in 2007. not that i dont like our wedding picture but i think maybe an update would be kinda cool for her :P

she loves pink so i made a simple pink graphics with a cute cartoon flower kinda swaying slowly.. and a very cute text 'nadia' on top. really simple.

sorry for the shaky camera.. i wanted my wife to be the only person using that animated wallpaper.. exclusively. so thats why i decided to shoot the wallpaper used on her mobile. u guys understand right?

she was really surprised when she first saw it and i am really glad she loved it. i just love making design and know people appreciate it^^

i made one wallpaper (a different one.. not pink) for my own mobile but i didnt really like it. maybe i'll make a better one and then post it here :P


  1. cute and tenang mata memandang..

  2. haha. so sweet lah u.

    wish that i could do something like this for my future wife. haha.

  3. I laik the cartoon flower and your choice of font.

    so cute when it sways back and forth :D

  4. @YobSumo well if it's for future wife maybe u still have time to learn rite ^^

    Nessa swaying like that is easier to animate :P

  5. cute!! sweet of you to do something like that...


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