Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tentang Heat Wave, Hay Fever and a Polar Bear

The Heatwave
a heatwave, in general, is when the maximum temperatures rise higher then normal temperature of the area, and remained that way for five or more consecutive days. here in adelaide, that temperature would be 35°C. since last friday, the temp have been over the 35°C mark. today it is 38°C, then 39°C till friday, and on saturday it is forcasted to be 40°C. on sunday it is expected to drop to 26°C.

The Hay Fever

now my wife is having a hay fever and me, despite coming from KL, is prone to migraine attacks on a hot day. so unfortunately today the both of us is rather unwell. just as my wife comes home after her 5 day seminar in Gold Coast QLD, adelaide gets our earliest heatwave ever recorded. it is not even summer yet and we already have heatwave??? im so not enjoying this. i miss winter already T_T


The Polar Bear
her name is Polly and she is a polar bear. she hitched a ride in my wife's backpack when she came home from Gold Coast.. and no she's not a real polar bear (gila ke nak bawak beruang dalam beg). she's a very cute plush toy from the Sea World Resort's souvenir shop. Polly comes with a mock leash that if u put it on her, u can walk her like u would a real life pet polar bear.. or maybe a dog would be a better example.


i think my writing is severely affect by my health. i have been trying to write something decent but after several scrapped post, i finally get to finish one. but hardly a good post. >_<

anyhow.. since that my wife's presentation is over now i think i'd post these graphics i made for her. they are.. i dont know what they are. i didnt even take biology in high school. but she told me it is the 'Electron Transfer Chain' that happens inside a mitochondria of a cell. i have no idea what that is.

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  1. owh.. i made a mistake on the title for that graphics. it is the 'Electron Transport Chain' not transfer chain. hehe. gomen~!


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