Friday, November 6, 2009

tentang 3DTotal Forum's Low Poly Challenge

it has been quite some time since i last posted my 3D works huh? i think it's abt time for me to do some new 3D works.

the people at 3DTotal forum just started a new low-poly challenge entitled 'The Slayer'. the backstory is kinda interesting too. in a nutshell.. powerful creature imprisoned in books for ages are now free and destroying the world. the slayer is one to defeat the creature and restore peace to the world.

for rules, more info, etc.. read at 3dtotal forum

due date : 30th november 2009

here's my idea so far.. but i dont plan to enter the competetion (although the prizes are pretty cool). i still have stuff to do right now so i dont wanna mess up the what im doing right now. i'll finish this one when i have the time.

sketch -


  1. @ihsan khairir hehe.. is that really a kucing? it has alien antennas!

    btw thanks for the +fav at BU man.

    si lampu neon which one? XDXD

  2. hey cool man i did the same concept for one of my pictures.


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