Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 Reasons Why I Will Not Visit Your Blog Again

my take on this issue.. top 5 list of things not to do on your blog. the view of a guy blogger who tries to visit as many blog a day, as quickly as i can, with least downloads possibble.

Animation Overload

by animations.. i mean moving images (gifs, flash ads, autoplay flash videos, etc). if only there is a button to freeze-frame all the animations. it is annoying when u're trying to have a light read but all this things are moving on the page. worse.. some blogs took the time to make sure ALL images on the blog is animated. even their signature have twinkling stars!!!

Great Wall of Texts

i'm no book worm.. and when i read, i'll probably read word by word. i dont like missing some parts and assume what happens on those parts that i skip. so wall of texts will take too much of my time and i kinda find it inefficient to spend too much time reading something thats unimportant to me.

Ads Takeover

everytime i visit a blog with too much ads, i'll wonder what the blogger really is trying to do. if the answer is blogging.. then make it look like a blog and not like the classifieds page of a newspaper. if u wanna sell stuf.. go be a salesperson. i believe good blogs have a good balance of ads and content.

note: exception for those blogs that sell stuff.

Autoplay Annoyance

mainly.. music. but sometimes videos autoplay too. i know i can pause it.. but it will still buffer/load. it is such a big offence to me that the moment i realize theres other audio playing on my computer, i'll instantly click that 'X' button. if i remember which blog it was.. i'll remember not to visit it again. if i dont, that means that that blog was uninteresting AND annoying. grats!

Massive Image Uploaders

worst offender.. even for a photography blog. please resize the pic.. by doing that, the filesize is decreased making the blog's loading time faster. uploading a huge pic only allows cheap, bad intentioned people to copy the images, print it out and make money out of it without u knowing it.

some things that people normally view as 'bad ethics' in blogging that doesn't bother me much include :
- camwhoring (i find it entertaining :P)
- dark (or loud) background colours/images
- last update is 12 months ago
- boring blog titles
- grainy/blurry image posts


  1. Haha, nice write! I must agree with you on the reasons. Some ARE really silly. The music auto play is my worst. Cannot stand that. It also tells of a persons taste in life.

    Personally, I life informative blogs.


  2. thanks David and yeah.. informative blogs are most useful ^_^

  3. U have hit the nail! totally agree^^
    Keep up good post like this:)

  4. thanks kelvin =D

    @David Jr i just remembered why i put autoplay music as #2. because most of the time.. those blogs with too many huge pics takes too long to load hence i (reader) wont get to see/read much content. blogs with autoplay at least load stuff.. but annoys you in the middle of my read.

    u know whats worse..? blogs with huge images AND autoplay music

  5. agreed! i dont like overload of pics too.. =)

  6. Me agree with you. All of them...
    Happy weekends!
    I love your blog, simple, clean, neat and informative.
    Keep up your good work brother kusit!

  7. huh..lucky my blog doesn't have any of those... = )

  8. @kenwooi yeah those big pics are such a waste of resources.. except when i am looking for reference images :P

    @yoon see my pleasure ^^ n happy weekends to u too

    @Dragon City ur blog is nice. lately u blog a lot abt food lah.. tasty ones.. i like it.

  9. aku benci blog yg over2 tayang gambar bermesra-mesra..ceh!

  10. ahaha.. too personal blog :P

  11. hye =) singgah dr innit

    autoplay music mmg sucks..keh3

    tp hat lelain tu semua ada kat blog haku, adeh, ads(nuffnang)

    nice writing anyway..loves the header & clean bg

  12. thanks.. i hope nobody is too offended by this :P.

    eh.. i've just been to ur blog. semua normal je lah. image banyak tapi semua size below 100kb. that is awesome

  13. That's good to know! The thing that annoys me the most is autoplay music, especially those with no player in sight so you can't turn it off!

    Hello, first time visiting your blog. :)

  14. Funnily enough, photographs don't realize this and assume all people want is to see the big picture.

    Well, maybe they've forgotten the usage of click and view larger. :P

    I hope my upcoming photoblog wouldn't have the "too many large photos to load" issue. ;)

  15. @Danny Foo well cant blame them photographers.. their expertees are in photography. i think some of them have started to realize.. but most still post huge photos and people could download em and print and probably make money out of em.


  16. a definitely no no to autoplay musics, always scare the hell out of me when im trying to read the blog

  17. rofl yeah sometimes the music suddenly starts and especially when our speaker is maxed out.. i hate it when that happens

  18. How about my blog ? not heavy right ?

  19. been to ur blog. so nice and clean lah.

    first time i load was a bit slow (i think was lag spike because my connection lousy) but when i check.. ur blog only 200++kb data total. very good.. so it must've been lag spike.

    eh those numbers i get from my chrome only ok.. not some high tech program.. so it could be wrong :P


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