Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tentang 15Malaysia - Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad

i decided to check my facebook account for the last time before i go to bed and discovered :-
15malaysia Chocolate is opened. Net is very slow. Please buffer before viewing. Make sure you watch the 'Making Of'. Its our tribute to Yasmin.

'cool' i thought.. checked it out straight away at the 15Malaysia website (link)

the story is short.. really short. it is one of those shorts that probably make you go 'what..? thats it? bla.. bla..'. precisely what the director wants.. to make viewers think. think what Yasmin Ahmad is trying to say and make your own conclusion. we are so used to tv where we are fed with every single detail. but stories like this, to me, kinda makes me realize what kind of person i am from how i judge the issue in the story

Chocolate reminds me of all those Yasmin Ahmad's Petronas ads.. the time when it all started. with slow, almost boring (but a short like this is too short to get bored with) grey environment.. but with touching moments. she always had this ability to put very subtle messeges in her works. Malaysia will miss a great talent like her.. well.. i know i do.

do watch the making of Chocolate video. the link is on the same page.. scroll down and look under 'More'. eh.. might aswell give youthe link =D view video here.

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