Saturday, August 22, 2009

tentang 15Malaysia - The Tree by Amir Muhammad

almost all of Amir Muhammad's works that i've seen have been provocative, bold and in-your-face documentary style films. this time.. 'The Tree' is consistent with his style, but with a very different, brilliantly simple, subject matter. how Islam views a simple humble tree

to an average muslim like me, the short kinda sounds like the sermon we hear at a mosque on a normal friday prayer. a bit monotonous, if i just had a big lunch, i could probably fall asleep (accidently.. honest!) but it is something good to listen to and good to reflect upon.

some might view it as too religious. i'd say they're not mature enough for this. listening to a muslims perspective on something doesnt make you a muslim. hey if i (im straight btw) listen and agree to a gay guy's opinion on potatoes doesnt make me gay at all right?

view the short here ^_^

and.. next up is 'House' by Linus Chung to be released on 24 Aug 2009

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