Wednesday, August 26, 2009

tentang 15Malaysia - Halal by Liew Seng Tat

if you like 'Ujang' style humour, Halal is a funny short about what 'Halal' means.. but not everything about what is considered halal.

the script is actually very well done.. but sadly the subtitle is the direct opposite. i believe whoever translated it might have made a too literal translation for some words that make certain things sound weird and have a misleading meaning. example:

script (malay) - "..cara penyembelihan yang dilarang di dalam Islam."
translation - "..illegal slaughtering methods from Islam's perspective."

i am no linguist and am not trained to translate scripts/dialogues. but i do think the word 'illegal' is a strong word and implies a different meaning. i believe the sentance better translates to 'incorrect way' or simply 'is not right'. people dont get punished if they slaughtered chickens the wrong way.. the meat just becomes not halal and should not be consumed by muslims.

some may say the short is unfunny.. maybe its just because a lot of people dont like to joke about religion and race. it is considered 'sensitive issue'. maybe sometimes we shouldnt be too sensitive and have a laugh together. it is after all a comedy.. an informative one

uh.. what a long post :P. neway enjoy Halal here.

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