Thursday, August 20, 2009

tentang Playstation3 Slim - announced

as of yesterday, the rumoured Playstation3 Slim is now a reality as Sony announced the Slimline model of the Playstation 3 will be available by September 2009. those leaked pictures are real. omg i really dont like the box. the console's design i think is allright. but the box.. @_@

the new console will have a 120GB hard drive and functions (mostly) the same as the old 'fat' Playstation3. i dont have a PS3 so i dont really understand all that talk about Linux OS talk. apparently with the new Slim u cant install another OS or something. i hope someone would kindly explain the need of that other OS to me kthx :P

the playstation3 (or PLAYSTATION 3) does not only get a slim model, it is also gets rebranded. the PS3 Slim gets a new logo and gone now the spiderman font. i always thought that was a bit uncool. the body is not shiny like the 'fat' PS3 instead it will have a matte finish like the PS2. i think it kinda makes the PS3 look less sexy and cool. its like being downgraded from a Hummer H3 to a Honda Jazz.. still cool but not as menacing

the price will drop from USD399 to USD299.. a massive 100 bucks cut. that is cool. best news ever. when it first came out it was USD599. good news indeed.

more details on the announcement at GamesCom here (

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