Sunday, August 30, 2009

tentang download limit reached

well.. not yet. i still have a little over 170MBs left till 5th of Sept. omg i hate download caps..

i was so used to unlimited bandwidth broadband and i think almost everyone from my country would have a hard time getting used to internet caps too. when i first came here, i had to literally study what 'caps' is. and what happens when i go over the limit. even then i didn't realize my billing actually starts on every 6th day of the month.. and i once had to pay $80 on top of the $40 monthly that i signed up for.

now i have learnt my lesson and will have to minimize internet usage till 6th sept. visit blog, reply msgs, check emails.. and maybe login to facebook once a day. i am not happy T_________T

cya on 6th Sept 2009 everyone and 'selamat hari merdeka 2009' to all Malaysian. today we celebrate our 52nd anniversary of independence ^_^


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