Friday, August 7, 2009

tentang Tekken 6 videos, rants

oh i miss playing games with friends. MMORPGs, fighting games, or just watch a friend play RPG or RTS games. now i limit myself to simple.. low spec games that doesnt need too much commitment such as WoW or RO.

now i'm still playing Patapon 2 and Tekken 5 DR on my PSP. oh i sound so geeky

Tekken 6 Trailer

neway.. i'm a huge fan of Tekken series. played it since Tekken 3 because back then the graphics were considered top notch. my friends and i would sometimes go to this cybercafe (they have Playstations for hire.. per hour) and played Tekken 3. button mashing were still fun since that we were all noobs

fav char to play is Yoshimitsu. yeah laugh.. that sword isn't there just for show ya know. and second fav is Lei.. because his movements all tricky.

neway.. Tekken 6 is coming out this year. i'll look for details later when i have more time.

E3 Trailer


  1. you should check out that new Aion game coming out.. it looks really cool.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I like your demo reel. Nice work.


  3. @Trust Me just saw the vids. omg it looks so good. thanks man

    @Erik thanks. im actually working on a new reel that shows more props and environment models.


Demoreel - May 2011