Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tentang 15Malaysia - House by Linus Chung

another pretty good short on 15Malaysia.com. love the whole feel it has, it kinda makes me miss my childhood days busying myself with homeworks and trying to be cool instead of right :P

although a lot of the characters are potrayed in a very very cliche way, the thing that bothered me most is in the classroom where the kids spoke different languages.

that scene where 'P.Seni' which is Pendidikan Seni (Art Class) is written on the blackboard.. most of the kids generally speak english.. except for the malay kid. do city kids learn 'P.Seni' in english? i come from a 'kampung' school so we all speak malay except for english class. so maybe nowadays, city kids speak english all the time huh? whatever it is.. it kinda makes me feel old.. and me no likey that feeling >_<

enjoy the video here


  1. the director of house linus chung here.thanks for supporting my short.

    yes, my teacher spoke casually in class,whatever he felt like and adjusted accordingly.he'll speak chinese to chinese student too.this was in a government school in 1990s.

    incase you want to grab some pictures of house, they are available here.


  2. heya Linus. thanks for the explanation =D. i wish i had a cool teacher like that too. i believe people who can speak many languages are really smart.

    and those pics are awesome. far better than the youtube printscreen i posted XD. thanks heaps.

    best of luck in your future film ya


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