Saturday, August 8, 2009

tentang cyber attack on Twitter

blog hopping yesterday was pretty annoying. some sites wont load properly and some wont load at all. i had a feeling it had something to do with twitter. and as it turns out.. it did.. sort of.

then the news came out today. went offline for hours and Facebook, LiveJournal and Youtube and probably more servers out there were disrupted because of a massive, coordinated cyber attack.

what i heard (from multiple sites and blogs) is that the Russians were behind it. i think that is one example of generalization.. because of the source came from Russia so we accuse all of them? pfft! we need to put more thought in our writing people.

these are only what i read on the net. and as we all know.. not everything on the internet is true.

neway im glad twitter is back online now. im dont tweet so much.. im just not that kind of guy i guess. broadcasting my every move is almost the exact opposite of what i'd do. twitter for me so far is for getting weather forecast and news bits from malaysia and south australia without having to view their sites.

read more of the news here (AdelaideNow)


  1. hi, i am on blogger and had exactly the same problems yesterday, thought it was my connection or computer going slower than usual so was interested to read about you prob.

  2. heya ishiwishy.. thanks for dropping by. did you get the answers you were looking for? i dont think i explained much in the post :P but the link would've helped.. i hope


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