Monday, August 17, 2009

tentang Transformers Animated - short stories

i have been watching TFA lately and i kinda like it. i remember when the series first came out i hated the new designs. it is too different.. too cartoony.. the shape is all weird. so i never even bothered to check it out.

and when i got that Megatron from my wife for my birthday, i finally decided to watch it. turns out.. it is actually really fun to watch.

so here's some short animations that, if i am not mistaken, comes with the Transformers Animated - Transform and Roll Out (DVD).. i think i got the right vids :P

"Evel Knievel Jump"

"Career Day"


  1. haha.. they look so different compared to the movie.. lol.. the movie's robots are so complicated.. =P

  2. yeah.. different indeed. the animated version is a lot simpler and stylized. me likes ^_^


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