Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tentang 10,000th Unique

the counter right now is at 9986 hits. i know this is a noobish thing to do but i think hitting 10,000 unique hits is an event worth celebrating. but no presents guys. just a long smile on my face and a note of 'Thank You's to everyone who keep visiting and linking my blog. i am a simple guy (who at the moment doesn't have extra cash lying around).

sorry i do wish i could give out something to celebrate the 10,000th unique visitor but thinking about it.. i'd rather have a sincere curious friendly visitor rather than bribing people to come read my blog :P

i hope i get to 10,000 hits today. tho. i know the hits is really far from accurate. all hit counters show a different number. if i started nuffnang on the first day of this blog i bet it would've gotten a different number. and the fact that i visit my own blog multiple times a day. no use thinking and worrying too much about it. i'm taking the simpler approach and just accept the statcounter counter at the bottom of my page and wait for it to get to 10,000. no i'm not going to refresh my page every hour :P

so yay to my 10,000th unique visitor. ^^ and thank you everyone for reading my blog!


  1. alah...dah 10001 lah..congrats bro..nak hadiah nak hadiah :D

  2. uhm.. hadiah takde dlm budget lah. eheh.. *sweat*
    ..raincheck? :D

  3. congrats on first 10000, semoga mendapat beribu2 lemon lagi seterusnya... hehe

  4. pergh! hebat ko. hehehe. congrat

  5. Congratz.Chaiyok2...

    Nang ur entry.nang mine if u like it:

  6. @lizz - no lah.. still a long way to go lah. still not many returning visitor >_<

    @Eyriqazz - thanks^^


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