Monday, October 26, 2009

tentang After the Weekend

this is just me ranting.

this weekend was kinda full of activities. not really.. just kinda. on saturday my wife and i went to a friends' house in the city for a 'kenduri aqiqah' for their newborn little girl (grats!). the kenduri was from 12pm till 4pm but we planned to get there on around 1-ish.. but that didnt happen. we got there at around 3pm.

on sunday we went bargain hunting.. in case we find something for our new house. we went to this yard sale at a nearby primary school but there was nothing much there. disappointed, we headed to the Gawler train station for the sunday market. got there at almost 12pm but most vendors have started to pack up. so we didnt find anything.

and last nite i finally managed to write a lttle basic C++ program on my own involving arrays and functions (big word for me who doesnt know programming). not bad for a self thought student :P. that was my second try on the 'exam' that i decided to have. my first try somehow only displayed half of the stuff that i wanted it to display therefore i gave myself a D.

now that i've written the stuff i did on the weekend.. it doesn't sound like so much isn't it? hmm.. but i feel like i had a lot of fun. lolz

neway.. maybe tomorrow i've decided to post a new basic photography tips ^^


  1. owh.. another friend of mine Nizam of Animonsta Studios also celebrated his newborn daughter last weekend. congratulations to him and Dini ^^

    u guys can read the details at

  2. Great, so when is your turn kusut! He..he..

  3. ayo, the baby that we saw is a boy la! remember we went and bought all the blue stuff for the baby boy???hehe

  4. eh ye la. haha.. getting old already la :P

  5. @yoon see our turn is later later la. hehe.

  6. sigh.. its near the end of the month and BU is down again. >_<

  7. i've heard of brats before, ni first time hearing grats! lol!

    looking forward to reading the fotografi tips :)

  8. lol thats how lazy people type long words XD. thanks for dropping by Nessa


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