Friday, October 30, 2009

tentang Sony Prototype 360° 3D Display

whoa.. this is cool. while i am not sure what Sony is planning to do with it. but Sony have always been creative and create cool stuff. but are we closing in to cool hologram thingy like in sci-fi movies? awesome!

check out the video :

it is still a prototype but they say a 3D tv like this will be available in a year or so. must be freaking expensive. and maybe not as practical as it sounds. but like i said.. sony could surprise us. who knows rite?


  1. cool..! tp kang nnti mesti gune banyak eletrik..

    cam tv plasma tuh...

  2. haha.. of course lah.

    if someone can afford that new tech.. well he should afford to use it too, kan?

    its like buying a sports car and complaining about the fuel consumption

  3. uish kalau nak skodeng pengacara tv ni leh usha depan belakang

  4. @Tony Wan - LOL.. they do dont they?

    @nesca - got that right. cant imagine watching steamy scenes on that thing :P


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