Thursday, October 15, 2009

tentang New Animation Company - Animonsta Studios

here's a Malaysian animation industry news. haven't written anything about that for a while now have i?

remember 'Upin&Ipin' and 'Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula' ('Geng : The Adventure Begins')? well the people who were behind those animations are now working on a new project entitled 'BoBoiBoy'.. a story about a group of superhero kids lead(?) by BoBoiBoy. sounds interesting.. and a lot of fun!

BoBoiBoy is the first project (according to by new company Animonsta Studios. although the company is new, they are a actually former LCPians who now are trying to make their very own brand of animation. the head of Animonsta Studios, Mohd Nizam is the director of Malaysian hit tv series 'Upin&Ipin' and movie 'Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula'.

and to fans of Les'Copaque Production, LCP is still there working on their own projects dont worry. visit to view the new Upin&Ipin Angkasa (2011) movie trailer

this development in Malaysia's animation industry is be a very good indication of improvement and growth. although our animation industry were born a long time ago (believe it or not) in the 80s (the Sang Kancil series by Hassan Mutalib) and some say that we have a pretty strong industry, i beg to differ. we still have a long way to go. what we need now is better quality.. not just quantity.

at the moment, BoBoiBoy is still in pre-production (planning, storyboarding, character deginging.. that sort of stuff). so the designs could change in the future.. maybe. so to local animation fans watch out for the animation and if i get any new news i'll try to keep everyone updated.

visit Animonsta Studios
> new website
(not just splash screen anymore)
> animonsta's blog

and click to go to Les'Copaque Productions'
> website
> blog

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