Monday, October 19, 2009

tentang Photography Tips for Bloggers - Macro Function

sometimes i blog-walk and i find blogs that posts blurred picture of the food he/she just had. interesting stuff.. but the picture is a blur just like some criminal on the news. have this ever happen to ur blog entry before? if yes read on ^^

why? this happens because of the camera is too close to the subject and the camera cant focus. the solution is the macro function of your digital camera. this is a simple photography tip for bloggers to take better pics in the future

(left)without macro on. (right)with macro on

no u dont need to have fancy DSLRs or anything.. normal digital camera normally have this function. camera phones.. probably wont have macro (unless u have a really expensive one).

and btw, this tip is written not for any specific brand. i think all digital cameras that i have tried so far functions and is operated the same way.

the macro function
when - generally when taking pictures of smaller objects (books, wristwatch, psp buttons). food bloggers.. when u snap pics of the delicious food u just had (it is absolutely important to make food look pretty and fresh because people on the net cant taste or smell that food).

- set the camera mode to Macro (refer to ur camera's manual). normally it is the one with the flower icon.
- point the camera at the subject.
- press that button that snaps the picture (i'll call it 'take picture' button) half way and hold, wait for the camera to focus (look at the display)
- when the subject u want is in focus, press the take picture button all the way.

take picture from an angle. u can easily get this cool 'depth of field' effect.

sounds fun? do a quick search for 'macro pictures' sample on google images and i think u'll get the idea how to use macro functions. now start experimenting and have fun!


  1. interesting! i don't own a camera myself..most of the pics in my blog were taken using my handphone..hehehe..not much of a gadget lover..

    p/s:how's the weather there?

  2. well.. not everyone is into gadgets rite? but camera phones now have some very awesome features! and some even cost less than my 2 year old handphone :P

    today finally feels like spring. loving the warmth here~! ^^

  3. cam phone mcm sony ericson ada function makro ni..aku pakai hat murah je..k550i, tp so far, mls nak kuarkan camera digital, snap kut phone je, edit sket2, sambung kabel, terus transfer kat lappy, terus up dkt blog..cepat gitu :D

    cool photography tips bro..TQ

  4. salah kronologi tu, sambung kabel, transfer ke lappy, baru edit n up dkt blog :D

    excited sgt nak post comment sampai caca marba..hehehe, sori

  5. thanks for tips. i didn't know my digital camera has that 'flower' button! now, hopefully i'm able to take crispy clear shots :D

  6. @Bitter Sweet lol no prob. some people can edit pics in their handphone what nowadays :P so high tech

    @Nessa i think it has become somewhat standard now to use that flower icon. but have to be careful la.. sometimes i get too close and bumped the subject :D

  7. Hey Awesome Tips!
    Truth is, i never knew what the "Flower" was for. Now I do =)
    Thanks a hell lot!!!

  8. thanks for providing good tip. I also don't know what is the function of the "flower" I thought it for decoration. lol....

  9. @Mizzsharon & @tigeriban no worries guys. always a pleasure to share knowledge.. and it feels good to know people appreciate it ^_______________________^

  10. sejujurnya kan kusut, aku rasa org lelaki mmg lebih sket la bab explore ni, klu bukan sbb laki ku yg menggodek n bgtau function macro tu kat aku, rsnya lps baca entry ko ni baru aku tau kut fungsi bunga tu :D

    klu handphone cam, function macro tu mmg best giler, semua gambar jadi sharp kalau dkt digi cam, kena careful sbb tak semua gambar menjadi dgn macro shots

    * more photography technique pls ^_^ TQ

  11. @kenwooi & @Tony Wan ^^ agreed

    @Bitter Sweet teringat mase mule2 tau pasal macro.. semua shot pun nak guna macro mode :P

    i'll post something else later. dont wanna put too much photography tips in a short period.. dont want people to start think im a photographer

    i am a blogger XD

  12. hey guys.. if anyone tried this and it doesnt work lemme know k.

    well.. if it works and u posted a macro shot on ur blog lemme know too.. i wanna see it ^^


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