Wednesday, October 21, 2009

tentang Entrecard Drops

one of the things i do daily is login to Entrecard and Drop on my fav sites there. i have not been a very long entrecard member (less than a year) and even in that brief period so much have changed.

and reading peoples' posts.. i've found a number of entrecarders have decided to ditch EC because of the less efficient system now. well i have to say i am one of those who did consider to do that. but considering EC is a form of traffic exchange + blog advertising community thing, logging in and Dropping on EC members' blogs still do some good to my blog.

there are a lot of good blogs that i might not have come across if i didnt have joined EC. they have a rather strict rules (dont they all do?) before a blogger can become a member. these rules have made it so that most blogs have actual content and good consistensy. well there are those very lousy blogs too but i find a lot of good blogs from EC.

so now i have decided to.. stick with EC. and do some adjustments.
1) minimize the amout of drops per day.. below 50-ish
2) move the EC widget to mid-page (initially top of page)
3) favour Malaysian blogs more

hope all this will show some improvements and not hurt too much on my blog's numbers (bounce rate, visits, new visitors, etc). thank you fellow ECers for still visiting my blog and Dropping on my card. and thank you EC for introducing me to lots of good blogs ^^


  1. There are pros n cons of joining EC. But the pros outweigh the cons, for me la. I'm grateful to EC for helping my Alexa Rank. Tentang bounce rate, I tak kisah sangat... ppl will read if the post is interesting, if not takkan nak paksa pulak kan.

    I made a lot of frens via EC so I'm sticking with them. And I drop max 300 daily... wat to do, I'm addicted! LOL!

  2. well said and thanks. i kinda realize one thing.. being rather new to blogging there are too many things to be concerned of.. and how easy it is to get anxious of the littlest things.

    in the end.. if we just blog the way we're comfirtable with right?


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