Friday, October 16, 2009

tentang Cool Thing Out of Twitter

i have always wanted to read Neil Gaiman's novels. when i get bored sometimes i'd go to the book store and read a chapter.. sometimes one of his short stories.. but i never got the opportunity to own his books (hmmm..). i like to read but when i read i would wanna read every single word. i never skim through pages, skip chapters or even read the last page.

maybe i shouldn't appreciate words too much eh?

anyway.. Neil Gailman (author of Stardust, Sandman series, American Gods), or @neilhimself on, started an online interactive storytelling via few days ago and it is spreading real quick. he started his story with a short line :
Sam was brushing her hair when the girl in the mirror put down the hairbrush, smiled & said, "We don't love you anymore."

and the rest of the story will be up to you, me, ellen degeneres, anyone and everyone (who have twitter account).

so after about 1000 tweets.. the people at BBC Audiobooks America (BBCAA) will edit, compile and make an audiobook suppossedly free for download at their website.. or for purchase at iTunes.

when i first read about this yesterday.. they have already got to chapter 4 (in only two days!). i think this is a great idea.. a book (audiobook for this matter) something good that comes out of the internet. will it be a great story? possibbly not. but if it is good enough and one day someone decided to make a film out of it.. imagine how long the credits would be.. and imagine having your twitter username in it! pretty cool eh?

read more about how it works here (BBCAA Blog)
and summary of Scene 1,2 and 3 (BBCAA Blog)

click here to view the latest prograss of the story #bbcawdio on


  1. haha.. try it lah. to me reading improves my writing :P

  2. me too. Where to find the time brother Kusut?
    After working, blogging, drop EC, commenting, practise piano, now I choose to read book to generate income or for imrpovement!

    Quality time worth spent:)

  3. indeed.. time isnt something we can just conjure.

    i used to read when i travel (on train, etc) but now that i've got games that im not tired of yet on my PSP.. it has been awhile since i do that. hehe :P


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