Thursday, October 22, 2009

tentang Welcome To Procrastinopia

i have been unhappy with how have turned out for a while now. i like simplicity. not that i want everything to be one dimensional.. but i believe everything could be simplified. even sophistication can at the same time be simple. well actually.. at least look simple.

facebook used to be simple and efficient. less graphics.. less words.. simpler functions. they added functions.. thats understandable. they added more functions.. well a little bit too much now. then they made it look complicated.. filled with boxes everywhere without letting user to be able to simplify things.. later they kinda made it look simple again (yays!). but they let users to make stupid things.. freely

worst decision ever. now we have way beyond stupid quizzes, games, invites and reinvites and spamvites bugging us to join those beyond stupid quizzes and games and groups. OMG

welcome to Procrastinopia!

now we hear a lot of disturbing news related to facebook nowadays. identity theft. careers ruined. kids cyber-bullied (dem n00bs).. that have lead to suicides even! and the list goes on. but one will say 'hey facebook is not intended for those stuff.. those people just don't know how to use facebook properly.'. yeah.. tell that to the people who have been negatively effected because of the rise of facebook.

we are human.. and human learn.. human use.. human overuse.. human abuse.

but yes.. the idea of facebook is a brilliant one. suddenly today.. after almost a year loathing facebook (but still actively using it.. /sigh) some of my friends (not those virtual 'friends' that i dont even know) posted old photos from high school.. and we all kinda commented and reminisce about the old times.

there is still hope for facebook after all ^^


  1. yeah. instead of the idea of having to make profile publicly visible to anyone (or certain people which you may choose on setting)

    I hate the idea of having to put email and can't make it invisible to others :'(

    *stupid fb..yeah..sometimes*

  2. yeah stupid fb bila aku ni asyik dapat mcm2 invitation/request

    harap maaf la kekawan, aku mmg ignore je semua accept reqest utk add new frens, yg tu aku approve..lelain sungguh menyemak hidup ku

    * sometimes layan jugak quizes tp never ever invite people, buat sendiri n publish sendiri sudah lah..huhuhuh

  3. @s.c.h.u.l.t facebook does make some pretty weird decision huh? maybe they got confused with their own functions.

    @Bitter Sweet haha quizzes. some quizzes are so lame they should just change the name to quiz-mari-buang-masa-anda-untuk-dapat-jawapan-yg-langsung-tak-berkaitan

    and im surprised how many people still do those kinds of quizzes

  4. quiz-buang-masa tu satu hal, yg lagi hangin bila ada je la yg duk send invitation suh buat jugak..gggrrr..pepandai la skip, ko sorang buat sudah lah kan

    *emo laks :p


    dah tak bukak dah sejak diorang intro lite version tu. tp email notifications still redirect ke main page so still tak best gak

  6. I am not active in facebook for long.
    What is going on as per your sharing.... I check and see.
    Anyway, I do agree with you.
    Thanks kusut!

  7. @Bitter Sweet ahah.. sabar ye

    @Nesca sweet link..! i didnt even remember the facebook lite. i've checked it out before but it was very buggy then. after that.. i totally forgot abt it.

    thanks dude. ima start using the lite from now on.

    @yoon see pleasure yoon see ^_^. just my thoughts tho.. and i am sure glad that now i have better reason to keep loging in to facebook.. other than to waste time

  8. fb mmg sket kusut dan menyemak lately ni...ntah apa2 application..

    but ramai gak yg gile main fb...
    kah kah kah

  9. tu yg tak paham tu.

    some people did all the quizzies everyday and publish each and every result. OMFG how annoying is that??

    i had to delete some people (normally those that i dont personally know) from friend list so that i can read others' real updates

  10. ops lol tigeriban.. hope i didnt offend u :P


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