Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tentang Blog Music Players

those things are freaking annoying!!! i think bloggers use those players think that it is cool and sometimes cute. well.. in certain circumstances, they could be right. but i think most of the time it is useless and only cause harm to the blogs hits.

most of the blogs who have these players are by very young people, first time bloggers, or bloggers who dont really care about their site's hit counts and load time. using the term n00b could be a bit harsh but.. yeah.

so, why i hate flash music players so much?

1) to bloggers who use those things, music player widgets like that will mess up the loading time of your blog. unless everyone of your target audience have ultra-fast internet (minimum download speed 2MBPS, thats 2000kb per second) they might not be affected. but if they are in malaysia, they'll need close to a minute to fully load your blog. and that kind of load time, in modern internet talk, is slow.

2) like most people who are (almost) addicted to the internet, i have winamp. and i have my own music. and when i blog-walk, i like to listen to my music. so when a blog have autoplay music on it.. it messes everything up. another reason to quickly close that blog with music. and imagine if they're blog-walking from the office.

and 3) i have a 5GB data cap on my internet account (befause internet is considered expensive here in australia). and being a good blogger, i blog-walk daily (well, i try to). those music will force me to quickly close every blog with music players on them. and doing that to them every time kinda makes me feel guilty.

and if they have very bad connection, most probably people wont wait to load your page. grats n00b.. you just lost one reader.

i tried to block in the HOSTS file.. it blocks the page (lets say but wont stop other blogs to load contents off it. so if anyone who knows how to block this thing.. stopping it to load and download music, please.. let me know.

i am desperate >_<


  1. maknanya bukan aku sorang la yg feel annoy bl ada autoplay music..

    kadang tu sbb blog member kan, nk baca jugak dia punya update, so terpaksa la carik button pause mcm nak gile, tp kalau blog walking, mmg terus tekan pangkah (x) je..huhuhu

  2. haha.. 'x' marks the spot. there are heaps more people who dispise flash music players lah.. dont worry

    tapi teringat zaman kanak2 masa mula2 blajar buat website dulu. kalau boleh nak biar orang takleh stopkan lagu bg. haha. tersangatlah n00b.. budak skolah la katekan

  3. I used to put music on my blog, but like you said, it interfered with the music i was currently listening to on iTunes, so I removed it. I agree, blogs with music, especially with automatically playing music and most definitely with unpausable or unstoppable music are really a thorn on one's side.

  4. Haha. I hate music player as well. Especially those autoplayed. They are just annoying!

  5. today had another incident with these music on blog.. the worse thing is that it is one of those 'DUF DUF DUF' music. it was all quiet one moment and BANG! the loud music started suddenly >_<

  6. agree!
    i agree too!!!
    damn annoying lah! =)

  7. That's is why I hate celcom broadband.. because of his stupid 5GB law, I hate some bloggers .. xD

  8. Actually I agree that blogger shouldn't put music in the blog. Sometimes I opened 20 plus blogs together and few of them has music, I have to find one by one to stop the music. That's annoying!!! :p

  9. @eldy i totally get what u feel. 5GB is so little lah. watch youtube also need to be very careful T_T

    @Jessen wah.. u so rajin la. if it was me i would close all tabs. too hard to find which one la. unless it is obvious which one is the offender


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