Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tentang New Super Mario Bros Wii

i dont have a wii and i kinda wish i have one. i think all the games on wii looks fun. games on other consoles are.. more of tedious now and less fun. and that wii remote (wiimote?) makes the whole thing very very interesting. players are more involved dont u think?

reading up game news the other day i came across this article about the new super mario game. who dont know Super Mario Bros?

the game's title is 'New Super Mario Bros Wii'. lol. first announced at E3 2009 (some months ago in June :P this is old news hehe). The game won Best Playable Platformer of Nintendo Power’s E3 Best of Show. Release date.. November 2009

the gameplay is still the same like the old Super Mario Bros on nintendo like about 20 years ago. side scroller.. jump on critters.. eat mushrooms.. shoot fireballs. but they added some cool suits too like the propeller suit. and they can ride yoshi

now if u have 4 wiimotes, u can play up to 4 players at one time. player 1 (1UP) will be Mario, 2UP will be Luigi, 3UP and 4UP will be those mushroom dudes one in blue and the other in yellow (they have names but i dont remember and cant be bothered to look it up :P)

sounds fun? well.. sort of. but i like the idea tho. i think in the end people would enjoy the game on single player mode. owh.. the game supports 4 players playing at a time but there is no online multiplayer mode. so.. everyone will have to be in one room

check out the website -


  1. i used to love mario..when i was little i asked my dad to get me a nintendo..but never really had it but i think by the time my dad wanted to get me one, i was already switched my interest to Barbie..hehehe..

  2. lol every girl will have their Barbies right?

  3. lol, can't play in online multi player mode is a real bummer:(

  4. but maybe if we can see who we're playing with, we can tell them in their face when they act like a n00b rite? :P

  5. I used to play mario games when i was still a child. to my amazement, Mario is much older than me! hhaha! now I'm getting thrilled on this news.


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