Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tentang PSP Go - Week One

it has only been one week since the release (except Japan)and modders and pirates and copycats have came up with a lot of stuff already.

the PXP-2000
i first read about this on tuesday. the PXP-2000 is a Portable Media Player that is able to emulate NES, Gameboy ans SFC titles. it is not a true gaming console then. and it does not have the 16GB internal memory that PSP go have but it does look a lot like the new sony console. as a media player, i think it does pack a whole lot of features and is able to playback i think all the standard video formats.

read more at or

the half way crack
blogger "I" the writer, from House of "I" the writer wrote about this on monday. the original article is from another site (written in a language pack my pc doesnt have.. but i think it's Japanese). apparently a PSP modder found a way to crack the PSP go in just 2 days after the release of the console. doesnt look like sony is winning their battle with the homebrew community.

this is what i understand.. the modder however did not develop any crack. he only found the way. it is like he opened the door but did not enter the room. hence the 'half-way crack'.

the Price Cut.
already? wow.. to those people who pre-ordered (if there were pre-orders) the PSP go.. that would really suck for them huh? but this price drop is only in the UK where some retailers have been selling the PSP go at £199.99.. which the RRP is £224.99.

the price for PSP go here in australia is AUD$398 at BigW and

in my opinion however.. i think the PSP go will survive. it may have an early price cut and bad reviews and stuff. there are a lot of sony fanboys out there and considering the size, it may be very appealing to not-so-hard-core gamers to get one and use it more as a media player than gaming console.

but maybe sony will push back the PSP-4000's release to be a bit later to make sure the Go would sell more. thats only my own opinion tho. but it could be possibble right?


  1. So, are you thinking of getting one? :D

  2. dont think so :P. im still very happy with my PSP Slim&Lite & handy.. and cool LOL

  3. consider this..
    the new PSP Go is AUD$398
    the new PS3 Slim is AUD$478

    80 bucks difference.


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