Sunday, October 11, 2009

tentang My First CPM Ad

i only signed up nuffnang last month and now i have not one but two CPM ads!! wow

but unfortunately that was only a dream i had last nite. i woke up this 'morning'.. logged in to nuffnang hoping that it was some kind of sign. u know.. maybe it is real and the dream was like a dream-notification thingy. but it was not true.


i have been reading about nuffnang but one thing i couldn't find is how long would a website normally wait to get their first CPM campaign? all blog posts about 'first nuffnang cheque' will say they had to wait very long (for the cheque.. not for the CPM). i assume it is around a year. but can anyone (who actually have experience) confirm this?

thanks!! ^_^


  1. Hey Congrats on the Ads!
    Good stuff =)
    I am a newbie too, so am still new to this.
    I am under Nuffnang Australia, but I'm pretty sure nuffnang runs on the same platforms.
    I think you have to accumulate your earnings to a certain amount before they pay you. Within 30 days, so it seem.
    Mine is no where near the allocated amount yet, have not receive a cent.
    Sorry if not of much help.

  2. thanks for the comment Mizzsharon. im always happy to receive a comment ^^

    oh but dont congratulate me for my ad yet.. because this one was just a dream T___T

  3. One of my friend just wait for 1 week to get 11 CPM ?! I also stunned by her .. from my opinion to tat case, I think although she is a newbie @ nuffnang .. but the advertiser attracted to her because her blog is alrdy 3 years old ~

    so, keep it up bro !! keeping posting good qualities post !!

  4. that is interesting. i always thought they look at the blog's hits and stuff starting the moment they registered nuffnang. now i know better. thanks eldy! ^_^

    maybe if i get enough tips here.. i'll make a new entry to conclude this topic.

  5. tulis bahse melayu paham kan? hehehe... kamus tah mane susah plak nk translate ni... hahaha...
    ai ni pn tgh berenang2 cari camne nk dpt cpm campaign ni... yg ai dh baca td... kalau blog kte ade unique visitor 9000 sebulan leh la dpt... average 300org sehari... huhuhu... pastu nanti auto je nuff pilih blog kte n letak cpm ads tu... bkn kira brape lama kte join nuff... tp brape ramai unique visitor yg dtg blog kte... kalau arini br register blog, br arini letak nuff, arini gak visitor ade 500org, esok ade la cpm tu... hehehe...

    *sharing is caring aite?*

  6. thanks noj. blasah je ape bahase pun. i dont mind :D

    jadiknye.. the target should be around 300 uniques per day. around 9000 per month? owh-em-gee i still have a loooong way to go lah. haiz~

  7. for me,it took me 2 months+ to get cpm add + after reaching 1000+ unique visitor per week.U can check the tips in my blog :


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