Monday, October 12, 2009

tentang New Secondhand Stuff

i mentioned last week about moving to a new house before the end of this year. and about being busy for the weekends. well.. we were out shopping!!!

sounds fun? hell yeah. we went to random garage sales, opp-shops, looking at boards for cheap secondhand stuff.. basically anywhere we could find. although it might sound a bit sad to some.. but i think it is normal for students living overseas. it is good to save money and use the money we saved to go for trips :P

we have been looking for a fridge since last week.. and on saturday we found one with a reasonable sized freezer compartment and.. it is a fairly new model too. a little bumps and scratches here and there but i reckon after a good cleaning that thing would look good as new.. well almost. a brand new fridge that size would probably carry a AUD$600-ish price tag and we got this one for $190.

the next thing we got are two bedside tables (that have 3 tier drawers). the colour is white and normally white furnitures are not the easiest to hide flaws. these two are in very good condition and it costs us $15 each. the cheap ones we found that were kinda similar (in sizes and quality) would be the ones at IKEA and that would cost around $80.. each! owh not to mention we got 6 cushions for free! best deal ever


the side table :

the fridge :

we are really excited with the treasures we found today. now we have a fridge, 2 bedside drawers, a washing machine, 4 brand new towels, and possibly a sofa set.. but we still haven't found our new place yet :P

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