Thursday, October 29, 2009

tentang The Day Yahoo! Fail

woke up this morning and as usual.. got online and check my email. oh wait.. my yahoo ID does not exist.

i have had that ID since 2001!

okay maybe something's wrong with my email account. lets try logging in through my yahoo!messenger.

another error.. but this time a little bit more.. it says my ID does not exist. error code 81003001


so what is 81003001? lets yahoo search (because the yahoo homepage is already loaded) that shall we?

no reliable answer. pfft!

maybe somethings wrong with my computer. lets do a quick registry cleanup and scan if there's any trojan in here.

done! no trojan. reboot.
try to login... still get error ID doesn't exist.

okay.. lets do a quick search for any server errors in the news online.
found nothing.

lets look at twitter if anyone else is having the same problem. (search yahoo on twitter)

whoa.. there's a lot of "anyone else have problem logging in to yahoo?"

the phone rang and it was my wife. she's at her lab and she told me she couldnt check her email and wanted to know if i have the same problem. having just read all this complaints on twitter.. i managed to explain what probably happened. my wife could always count on my XDXD

apparently most of the people who were having problems logging in to yahoo (after checking their twitter profile) are from australia. maybe it is because people here are already up and have started working.. and it is still too early in the morning everywhere else. thats just me speculating.

my quick search on twitter shows me there's people in korea having the same problem as well.. and a guy in Tehran said he cant login because his ID apparently doesn't exist, so he made a new account on yahoo. after all the necessary steps done, he tried to login.. and the new one doesnt exist aswell

yahoo FAIL

and while i was writing this post.. i tried one more time to login to yahoo and everything was fine again. it was around 11.30am here in adelaide (GMT+9.30). thank god!

now.. if it was a server maintenance, dont a huge company like yahoo would've thought to inform their users that there is a maintenance? instead of the users getting some error like hey we dont have ur account here.

or just a simple "we're having technical issues right now and we are working on it right now. thank you for your patience" would have been alright. pfft

..resume normal life.


  1. ayoyo..apa daa YAhoo! ni..saya sejak guna gmail beberapa tahun sudah, mmg tak pandang dah yahoo (sungguh kijam okeh) muahahaha~

  2. still use y!m lah.. most of my uni friends are there. have become my personal email :P. but gmail is business and more official stuff.


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